Required documents (to be brought by renter ) for renting cars .

National ID card or passport for foreigners .

A valid Egyptian driving license or an international license for foreigners .

A document indicating the renter’s place of residence.

Rules and conditions:

The minimum rental period without a chauffeur is three days (72 hours).

The rental period of the contract can be extended with the consent of both the Agency and the customer, provided that the necessary procedures for this are specified in the contract.

No amendment can be made by neither the renter nor the company to the contract after signing it except with the approval of both parties.

Second: the Company’s commitments:

The company acknowledges and undertakes the following:

1 – The suitability and safety of the car for use.

2 – In the event that any technical defect appears in the car that is not due to negligence on the part of the renter, it will be replaced by a car of the same category, and if it is not available, it will be replaced by a car of a higher category, without affording any additional costs on the customer. Otherwise, it will be replaced by a car of a lower category according to for the declared tariff.

3 – Receiving the car involved in an accident immediately once reporting it, considering the date and time of reporting the accident as the end of the rental contract.

Third: Renter’s commitments:

The customer acknowledges and undertakes the following:

1 – The car

The renter acknowledges that he has checked and examined the mentioned vehicle in a full and clear way,and that it is in sound and safe condition and free of any known defects or faults, free from shocks and damages, and undertakes to return it to the same condition.

The renter undertakes to drive the car himself throughout the rental period and not to use it for any actions that violate the law or morals or to transport any prohibited goods. The Renter hereby agrees that he / she shall be held fully responsible for any accidents, violations or damages in the car during this period, with full civil and criminal responsibility.

In case of Manipulating with the meter, the renter will pay a fine determined by the company.

He/ she does not have the right to make any modifications to the car and its equipment.

The renter undertakes to drive the car at a speed not exceeding 60 km inside Cairo and 90 km on the highways. In case that the car license is withdrawn due to a violation of the traffic law, he is obligated to pay the rental fare plus the fine for withdrawing the car license.

To use the fuel and oils specified by the company in the contract while operating the vehicle.

2- Returning the car

The car must be returned by the renter to the location, on the date and time specified in the contract, and in the same operational condition in which he/she received it, considering the normal consumption circumstances of the rental period.

3- taking the car back

The company has the right to the car back, through the competent authority, at the expense of the renter, and without any prior notice to the renter, in the following cases:

Failure to return the car on the specified date and time.

Using the car in violation of the terms of the contract.

If the renter has provided incorrect information at the time of rental.

4 – Drivers

Those authorized to drive the car are:

If the renter has a driving license that qualifies him to drive a car.

The person or persons authorized by the renter and holding driving licenses that qualify them to drive the car, and whose data is recorded in the contract.

Employees of the competent authorities in emergency situations.

5 – Terms of use

It is not permitted to use the car in the following cases:

By persons not authorized by the contract to drive the vehicle.

If the car needs repair.

If operation leads to damage to the car’s engine or one of its components.

If the authorized person in the contract is unable to drive a car, such as if he / she is affected by intoxicating or narcotic substances, or suffers from a health condition that prevents him from driving properly.

Transport of persons or goods for hire.

Participation in car racing.

Push or tow other cars.

In a way that shows negligence.

Towing a trailer without the owner’s ( The company ) consent.

Driving training.


For purposes that break public morals and the laws and regulations of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Outside the geographical borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt, unless agreed upon in the contract.

6- Leave the car

Do not leave the car with the ignition key on.

7 – Reporting accidents and impounding the car

Notify the company and the security authorities as soon as the car is involved in an accident, or to have stolen, and provide them with all the information they request.

Notifying the company immediately after the vehicle is seized by the competent authorities for any reason.

8 – Rental costs

Bear the following costs:

The costs of renting the car throughout the rental period and any extension as stated in the contract.

Costs per kilometer in excess of what is permitted in the contract.

The value of fuel, oil, water and tire air filling during the rental period.

Costs resulting from misuse of the car.

Costs resulting from violating regulations and laws .

Repair costs for modifications to the vehicle made by the renter.

Public parking fees used.

Costs resulting from the loss, replacement, or manipulating with any of the car’s parts and equipment.

The costs resulting from delaying the returning of the vehicle on the specified date and time and under the price category specified in the contract, including covering the costs of accidents according to the terms stated in the contract.

The fuel costs of the car when it is rented if it is used.

Damages and repairs costs resulting from accidents and as agreed in the contract.

9 – Sudden car breakdowns

Return the car to the company if it needs repair as a result of a sudden breakdown, or notify the company if it is unfit to drive so that the company can take it back. In both cases, he agrees not to make any repairs to it except with the company’s approval.

10 – Violations of regulations and instructions

The renter will be held the full responsibility for the following:

Traffic violations caused by the driver.

Any other violations resulting from misuse of the vehicle, or its use for illegal purposes.

11 – The renter’s

The renter bears full responsibility for leaving any personal items inside the car .