Tourism in Giza

The city of Giza is distinguished by being one of the most famous touristic destinations in Egypt and the most closely related to the Pharaonic Era. Most of the touristic places in it are closely related to the Ancient Pharaonic civilization . In addition to the Pyramids and Sphinxs ,  the zoo also located in...

Tourism in Luxor

The city of Luxor is one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt thanks to the huge number of antiquities and monuments that were found there and its great temples . Archaeological  sites in Luxor contain thousands of monuments.

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh

خليج نعمة Sharm El Sheikh is an Egyptian coastal city characterized by a warm winter climate, stunningly beautiful beaches, and marine creatures of fish and coral reefs with wonderful colors, which made it one of the most important destinations in Egypt in recent decades.