Car rental service


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3 hours 45 minutes
5 Days
Max People : 26

Rent your car at the best and cheapest price in Egypt

We have the finest limousine service and are proud of a fleet of modern, air-conditioned cars, and all cars are suitable. For all purposes and trips. The fastest and cheapest service in Egypt.

Contact us and we will reach you wherever you are. We have a car delivery service at the airport or anywhere

Contact us, we will offer you special offers, or write to us on WhatsApp????

01003661888 (2+)

Learn now what distinguishes our company as the cheapest car rental company in Egypt

Accuracy in appointments and high reliability in reservations
Various and economical prices to suit all categories.
Automatic cars with many specifications and accessories
Drivers with the highest integrity and ethics and speak languages
Delivering the car at the airport is easy and convenient

You must have heard about the best car rental company, which is Al Nozha Tourism – the pinnacle of commitment and performance, which is its first motto, and which provides its services to very high standards out of its desire to satisfy all the tastes of its customers, to be the only company whose customers feel comfortable, safe, and confident.

If you are looking for a car rental company to transport your family who has come from a tiring trip and want to transport them home in peace, enjoyment and comfort, you should contact us, we are Al Nozha Tourism Company, which specializes in renting cars and providing many other services with them, such as a driver and gasoline, and everything you want you will definitely find in Al Nozha Tourism.

We only have distinguished service and low financial costs. We are the best and easiest for you. Al-Nozha Tourism Company is the leader in the field of car rental in Egypt.

Limousine has the most skilled experts and technicians trained on the latest advanced international methods in the world of cars and on the latest technologies. It has an integrated team of workers who always live up to the expectations of its customers.

The most important services of Al Nozha Tourism Company

Al Nozha Tourism Company is keen to meet the aspirations of its customers, so it offers many of its services in renting various types of cars, including, for example:

• Verna-Lancer car rental

• Toyota Corolla-Elantra new look

• Kia Cerato – Renault Megane – Jeep Cherokee – Prado – Pajero – Mercedes

• The latest and most luxurious Mercedes cars

And many other cars rented by Al Nozha Tourism Company, which provides its services to individuals and to all companies, hotels and tourist villages.

We will never make you suffer from the problems that you have previously encountered with other companies. We are characterized by clarity, credibility, extreme honesty, and commitment to our deadlines without feeling the slightest anxiety that you may experience with us.


Obligations of the car renter
Documents required to be brought for renting
National ID card or passport for non-Egyptians
A valid Egyptian driving license or an international license for non-Egyptians
A document indicating the client’s place of residence

Provisions and rules

The minimum rental is three days (72 hours) without a driver
The term of the contract can be extended with the consent of the landlord and tenant, provided that the necessary procedures for this are specified in the contract.
No amendment may be made by the tenant or landlord to the contract after signing it except with the approval and approval of both parties.

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